A $1.6 trillion problem

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Ramsey Network’s documentary Borrowed Future was not exactly eye-opening. Anyone who paid any attention to the news the last few years knows about the extent of college student debt in this country.

Nevertheless, the documentary was well made, including both the necessary hard evidence expected and plenty of anecdotal evidence…

I guess I will not turn my back to students

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The boys bathrooms are finally open again after being boarded up for weeks. The school looked almost like a crime scene with yellow tape everywhere. …

My Minimalist Lifestyle

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Despite moving many times, stuff always seemed to accumulate, especially once the kids came along. The average household contains 300,000 items — simply astonishing. Over the years I have become more of a minimalist, which is a freeing experience. Thoreau was right. …

And a new chance at life

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Two weeks ago the news was so promising. A donor's heart was found — finally. Lisa (not her real name) pointed to her heart, smiled, and said, “broken.” Then she danced (holding on to her IV) because her parents were so excited. But happiness was short-lived. …

The danger of Instagram fame

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The sad ending of Gabrielle Petito shows yet again the danger of social media. During their whole trip, the young couple uploaded images of beautiful locations, smiling into the camera and looking very happy.

Only the incident captured by police body-cam of Gabby crying and sobbing showed a crack in…

Mixed feelings

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I was somewhat flattered that 1000 people chose to read one of my stories, “The Fight She Lost,” the most views I have had so far. It seems that the haunting story of Lene Marie Fossen had touched a nerve.

However, even that story had mostly external views. Over 700…


An assault on much more than women’s rights

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I am against abortion. I am also for a woman’s right to choose to have a child or not. However, that choice begins with the decision to be intimate (or not) and the choice to use birth control (or not). …

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My last story had hundreds of views and reads, but earned me only a few cents. When I checked the stats, I saw that 270 people accessed the story on Facebook, which really puzzled me.

I had only shared the story in response to a Medium Mastery post asking us…

Lene Marie Fossen (1986–2019)

https://www.kehrerverlag.com/de/lene-marie-fossen-the-gatekeeper-978-3-86828-977-0 (no copyright infringement intended; no longer in print)

At age 10, Lene Marie Fossen, a Norwegian photographer, decided to stop eating in an effort to stop time and remain a child. In a twist of cruel irony, she achieved that goal, having never had a period or even breasts. …

It could never happen here.

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America — the shining light of democracy, a beacon for so many thousands who came here to find a better life or to escape a terrible fate.

America — so open and free. One can travel for thousands of miles without ever having to show a passport.

America — the…

Ms Fischer

I am a high school teacher. I traveled the world. I have a blog where I post about finances for teachers and other issues. https://financesforteachers

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